Automated Gates & Barriers


At Sentinel Fire & Security Systems we like to provide our customers with added value. We provide a bespoke service in that each and every gate is built to suit your exact liking and specification. One of our team will visit your home or business to assess your property and discuss your requirements in detail t o ensure we meet your demands and provide you with a product and service that will not only stand the test of time both in terms of reliability and quality but it will be aesthetically pleasing to years to come.

Composite/PVC Gates

Our Wooden Effect Composite & PVC gate range are encased in a steel frame.
Composite gate boarding is an effective low maintenance alternative material for your gates. Composite gate boards deliver a number of advantages over traditional materials, making it the preferred choice for gate fabricators, architects and specifiers looking for a future-proof gate solution.

Strong and durable, our composite gate boards look and feels like natural wood, is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Perfect for residential and commercial applications. They’re easy to clean too! Simply a broom and some soapy water.

Steel Gates

We design and manufacture a range of gates designs to compliment your property and to suit your taste. Choose from traditional or modern styles steel gates to compliment your house design and finishes.

Unlike our competition all driveway gates are expertly manufactured. Deeper fames and Thicker infill bars ensure a hefty looking finish that’s built to last. Every gate includes adjustable hinges and a finish coating if required.

All gates are Galvanised Steel and can be painted with a Two Pac Metal Paint or Powder Coated to the colour of your choice.

Automated Gates

At Sentinel we are proud of our high quality domestic and commercial automated gates. We design, supply, and install both sliding and swinging automated gates.
Existing Gates can be automated in the vast majority of cases.
Our team can create a bespoke system just for you. Your gate can be controlled by Remote Control, Keypad (code), Press to exit Button, Induction Loop (automatic opening on detection of Vehicle or Mass Metal) and Audio or Video Intercom to your house or mobile.

Gate Safety is of utmost importance to us. All our automated gates meet the highest safety standards with Obstruction Detection and Safe Edges that will stop the gate when contact is made with person or object.

Swinging Gates

We offer a variety of different styles of swinging gates, be it manual or automated. The 4 main materials used in the construction of our gates are Wood, Steel, Aluminium, and composite/PVC. Each material has its own aesthetic quality. Our team will meet with you and discuss the different designs available and help you create a gate that not only secures your property but also looks great. We offer automation of all our gates be it overground or underground motors. Our team will help you make the right decision.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates offer a great alternative to swing gates. Perhaps you prefer them, or more likely the layout of your property demands a sliding gate as an alternative. A sliding gate can be one complete gate leaf that slides open either manually or by automation or you may require Bi-Parting where a pair of gates slide apart due to space constraints or for a faster opening time on a busy carriageway. We offer Wooden, Steel, Aluminium, and Composite/PVC sliding gates. We will help you select the right system and style to suit your home or business. We will design, supply, and install your bespoke gate that will not only secure your property but also look fantastic. Sliding gates are ideal if you have limited return space on your drive where a standard double gate would not be able to open or for those wanting to gain the most room from their drive.


Sentinel Fire & Security offers a range of Pedestrian Gates – sliding and swinging which, both can be automated. Our pedestrian gates are designed for controlled personnel access and egress for both the domestic and commercial premises.

All our pedestrian gates can be designed to suit your home or business. Our gates can be made from steel, timber, Aluminium, or composite/ PVC

All our gates can be automated with access control, remote push button, video entry etc. Remote free exit button or latching lock release / handle.

Commercial Gates

We design, manufacture, and install high quality and high security gates for both vehicle and pedestrian control and protection.

We provide our clients a high-quality bespoke range of security products to health, manufacturing, retail, , circumstances, or restrictions. Sentinel has security solutions to suit your exact needs for vehicle and pedestrian access to provide, protection, safety, and control for more than 20 years.

We specialise in products such as commercial spec sliding gates, swinging gates, bi-folding gates, shallow depth road blockers, road bollards and automated barriers.


We have a large range of automatic car barriers for a diverse range of traffic access and parking solutions. To help ensure good control and monitoring of vehicle entry and exit our barrier range offers beam (arm) lengths up to 8m for large vehicles with opening times on some models as low as 2 seconds.

Our innovative car park barrier designs are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Whether you are looking for barrier systems for controlling small and medium private areas or much larger industrial areas, Sentinel’s automatic barriers offer long working life with excellent security and safety features.

Our team can create a bespoke system just for you. Your gate can be controlled by Remote


Our series of road bollards are the products are high quality and have the latest technology allowing for secure access control. We ensure an appropriate rising/lowering speed, ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and two-wheel riders. The have a compatible and flexible control system, easy to be integrated into other management systems. We can embed-in LED warning light. With a combination of robustness and aesthetic, blending into the surrounding landscape.

Our team can create a bespoke system just for you. Your gate can be controlled by Remote Control, Keypad (code), Press to exit Button, Induction Loop (automatic opening on detection of Vehicle or Mass Metal) and Audio or Video Intercom to your house or mobile.


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