A CCTV System is an enormously powerful tool in its own right. Should we have the misfortune of having our home or business burgled, CCTV is invaluable to identify who, where and when. But what about if we had an active CCTV System where we are informed at the time of the event?

CCTV Monitoring turns our basic CCTV System into an intruder alarm and security guard all in one. The system will have ability to identify person and vehicles and allows our offsite controller to speak to the perpetrator to inform them that their access is denied and Gardai are on the way.

We at Sentinel Fire & Security with our partner Re-Sure offer a CCTV Monitoring service so you can eliminate these worries. We will install or use your existing CCTV cameras to stop the damage before it is done. We can protect any domestic or commercial property regardless of size.

Nothing will get past your new virtual security guard; anyone that comes onto your property, when it is armed, will be challenged, and reported. This can also include notifying authorised personnel if your needs require. Plus, with an app for arming and disarming, you will have complete visibility of who armed and disarmed your system. This is CCTV Security at its highest level which gives business owners peace of mind.


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