CCTV Monitoring

CCTV systems are enormously powerful tools in their own right. If we have the misfortune to have our home or business burgled, CCTV is invaluable to identify who, where and when.

But what about if we had an active CCTV system, which would alert us at the time of the event?

CCTV monitoring service

At Sentinel Fire & Security, we work with our partner Re-Sure to offer a CCTV monitoring service, so you can eliminate security worries. 

We will install new remote video surveillance tools, or we can use your existing CCTV cameras to create a comprehensive security plan bespoke to your needs. This way, we can stop the damage before it is done. 

Adapt existing CCTV systems

CCTV monitoring can turn existing CCTV systems into an intruder alarm and security guard all in one. A comprehensive system transmits live video, and will have the ability to identify people and vehicles. This allows our offsite controller to speak to perpetrators, to inform them that their access is denied and Gardai are on the way.

Complete video surveillance

Nothing will get past your new virtual security guard; anyone that comes onto your property, when it is armed, will be challenged, and reported. This can also include notifying authorised personnel if your needs require.

Additionally, you will get access to an app. This can be used for arming and disarming the system. You will then have complete visibility of who armed and disarmed your system. Your visual record of all comings and goings forms an integral part of your security coverage.

This is CCTV Security at its highest level, and it gives business owners peace of mind.

CCTV cameras – the best access control systems

With a Sentinel and Re-Sure CCTV system, you can remotely check up on the security of your property at any time. This can provide a valuable insight into what happens when you are away, whether you are concerned about intruders, weather damage, or general security.

How does a CCTV monitoring system from Sentinel work?

In order to gain remote video surveillance tools through your cameras, you will need a broadband connection.

Once the cameras are connected to the network, we will create a live video surveillance system, fully monitored, and featuring digital video recorders, to give you comprehensive security.

A security system that adapts to your needs

We can protect any domestic or commercial property regardless of size.

Our CCTV systems range from simple a simple setup comprising one or two cameras to comprehensive video surveillance on an unlimited scale, including real time video with remote viewing and a monitoring station.

From a simple CCTV system to a large scale complex requirement we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs. We have a wide range of different cameras to suit different requirements, from our Black & White Night Vision to our Color-vu night vision camera which gives you an exceptional colour image even in extremely poor lighting. 

We also have discrete dome cameras and large remote controlled multi directional cameras – enabling us to design a system bespoke to you.


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