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What is a calving camera?

Farming is more than a full time job – it’s a lifestyle choice. And the hours can be grueling.

But modern technology can provide game changing solutions for farmers looking to future proof.

While many think of CCTV as the preserve of urban businesses, when it is installed as a calving camera network it can bring busy farms peace of mind. CCTV is widely used for calving, foaling, animal monitoring and farm yard monitoring.

Are calving cameras only for use in the dairy industry?

Absolutely not! There are hundreds of applications for a calving camera system in modern farming.

From lambing to foaling, it’s a way to monitor the safe arrival of new additions, ensuring you intervene when help is needed.

And with the rise of farm related theft, the extra peace of mind gained through a comprehensive system of farm cameras can’t be understated.

Benefits of installing calving cameras

Calving or lambing cameras are a great way to introduce a little more comfort to a hectic farming lifestyle.

Relax in the knowledge that you can check all is well at the flick of a button, and be there to help if needed – but also spend a bit more time in your pajamas.

And they are also an excellent security option. A high quality camera surveillance system of this nature acts as a deterrent for intruders and thieves.

Having a calving camera or lambing camera fitted also reduces the risk to the animals as you can constantly monitor their progress, and should an issue arise you can intervene as soon as needed.

How do calving cameras work?

A calving camera network works along the lines of a CCTV system. Cameras are installed, giving a remote window into the areas you need to check on. You can then check those areas by looking at the camera image on a TV, or by using an app on your phone.

Monitor your farmyard without the constant need to be physically present.

Wired camera system

Calving cameras can be set up in the configuration that most suits you. A wired system connects the shed you want to monitor by cable to your TV. The camera image is then shown on a channel on your TV.

This is ideal when the shed you need to check is not too far away, and there are no issues with laying a cable.

Wireless systems

A wireless system is a more comprehensive option, allowing you to monitor multiple areas. As they work on signal alone, they are better if installing cables is difficult, or distances are greater.

Rural signal and connectivity has been improving rapidly in the last few years, but if you are in a hard-to-reach area, we have options for sim cards and 4G routers that mean we can still get you online even without an existing internet connection.

Mobile phone connectivity

Our wireless option can be remotely monitored from your smartphone. Your smartphone can also remotely rotate the camera to adjust the camera angle.

Upgrade to calving cameras with Sentinel Security

CCTV Systems are a must have in the modern busy farm where time and animal welfare are the priority.

At Sentinel Security, we can install, maintain, and repair calving camera systems in Cork and throughout Ireland.

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