Having your home or business protected against the treat of a fire going undetected is essential and the law in some situations.

We offer both large and small scale fire alarm installations for both the commercial and domestic market. All our engineers are trained to the highest standard and meet all current Irish and European standards.

We will design, supply, install, commission, and maintain your Fire Alarm System. We will work with you or your developer and draw up plans for your property and we will advise on the most suitable detection devices for the environment. Detection may include smoke detectors, heat detectors, video analytics, flame detectors, gas detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.   


When installing a Fire Alarm, we will ensure that the work is completed to the highest standard using the best quality goods in the market. Taking any shortcut in fire detection can pose a threat live so we ensure that the installation is completed neatly but most importantly in compliance with the regulations following the plan drawn up by Sentinel.


A fire and life safety system is only as good as it’s installed. From design, inspection, testing, and maintenance, we work with you to ensure your systems are operating efficiently throughout their life cycle. Without the right commissioning it is challenging to ensure that your fire and life safety systems will meet code minimum, performance-based design, and end-user requirements. Our systematic commissioning and integrated testing approach for life and safety systems helps you document, verify, and sustain performance of the facility assets that are critical to your business


Monitored fire alarm systems can be ideal for commercial premises and large sites. If you are responsible for providing a fire alarm system for offices or a corporate area, you will need to meet specific requirements, and we can help you with this. You will not require a landline, as we can operate our systems through GSM mobile phone company, connecting to monitoring stations that will visit the premises and/or alert emergency services when necessary.

 Time is of the essence in the event of fire, and 24//7 alarm monitoring delivers the reassurance that we will respond with speed and efficiency when needed. Our highly trained team of operators will monitor all fire alarm activations in line with current European standards, and ensure the fire brigade is swiftly alerted and dispatched. Whether your premises are occupied or vacant, we will act fast to mobile a quick emergency response and minimise danger to life and damage to property.


Here at Sentinel Security, we provide a complete management system for all your fire safety needs, and we perform high quality maintenance inspections and repairs to ensure your fire alarm system is always functioning to the highest standards. We will ensure that not only do you meet your legal obligations at all times, you have complete peace of mind that we are on hand when you need us. 

Our maintenance contracts ensure that your fire alarms are inspected and tested annually, and you are also guaranteed a response to an emergency call within five hours as part of your contract. When we take on your maintenance contract, one of our fully qualified engineers will visit your property to inspect and test your systems. You will not encounter any disturbance to the operating of your system during this process. 

Our fire protection maintenance contracts are reviewed annually for your convenience, and you can review your options in advance to ensure that you always receive the service you need.

Conventional fire alarms

A conventional fire alarm control panel links to several lines of fire, heat and smoke detectors and manual call points, referred to as detection zones. Depending on the responses received from the detection zones, the control panel may activate a number of sounder or alarm systems. This is an effective solution for small buildings, as it can indicate the zone in which a problem has been detected and it usually supports up to 40 zones, each covering an area of up to 2000 sq metres. This system is run from mains power, with battery back up.

Smoke Detectors

We work with a range of smoke detectors, including optical smoke detectors, which may be triggered by a light beam that activates the alarm if blocked by smoke or by light scatter caused by the smoke. Ionisation smoke detectors are slightly more sensitive, triggering the alarm when smoke enters the ionisation chamber within the detector and neutralises the ionised air there. Another option is the Reflected Beam smoke detector, which is based on the principle of light obscuration and consists of a transceiver (transmitter/receiver) unit that projects, monitors and receives a beam of light reflected across the protected area. The type of detector that works best in your premises will depend upon the environment of your building and we can advise on this.

Break Glass Units

A break glass unit allows for manual setting off of a fire alarm, should it be seen before it activates a smoke or heat detector.

Fire Alarms

Addressable fire alarm systems are an excellent option in larger and more complex buildings, as these offer a faster and more precise identification of the location of a fire, as well as easier maintenance. An addressable fire alarm allows one pair of wires to be connected to a large number of devices across the system, providing cost savings in the wiring of large systems. 

In an addressable fire detection system, the wiring is looped, and this connects to the control panel at each end. All detectors, call points, sounders and interface modules are wired directly to the loop, each having its own address. The control panel communicates with each device on the loop, and if a warning or fault condition is signalled, or if communications with a detector are lost, the fire alarm system is triggered. The loop can be powered from each end so that if the loop is broken at any point, no devices are lost.

Swinging Gates

We offer a variety of different styles of swinging gates, be it manual or automated. The 4 main materials used in the construction of our gates are Wood, Steel, Aluminium, and composite/PVC. Each material has its own aesthetic quality. Our team will meet with you and discuss the different designs available and help you create a gate that not only secures your property but also looks great. We offer automation of all our gates be it overground or underground motors. Our team will help you make the right decision.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates offer a great alternative to swing gates. Perhaps you prefer them, or more likely the layout of your property demands a sliding gate as an alternative. A sliding gate can be one complete gate leaf that slides open either manually or by automation or you may require Bi-Parting where a pair of gates slide apart due to space constraints or for a faster opening time on a busy carriageway. We offer Wooden, Steel, Aluminium, and Composite/PVC sliding gates. We will help you select the right system and style to suit your home or business. We will design, supply, and install your bespoke gate that will not only secure your property but also look fantastic. Sliding gates are ideal if you have limited return space on your drive where a standard double gate would not be able to open or for those wanting to gain the most room from their drive.


Sentinel Fire & Security offers a range of Pedestrian Gates – sliding and swinging which, both can be automated. Our pedestrian gates are designed for controlled personnel access and egress for both the domestic and commercial premises.

All our pedestrian gates can be designed to suit your home or business. Our gates can be made from steel, timber, Aluminium, or composite/ PVC

All our gates can be automated with access control, remote push button, video entry etc. Remote free exit button or latching lock release / handle.

Commercial Gates

We design, manufacture, and install high quality and high security gates for both vehicle and pedestrian control and protection.

We provide our clients a high-quality bespoke range of security products to health, manufacturing, retail, , circumstances, or restrictions. Sentinel has security solutions to suit your exact needs for vehicle and pedestrian access to provide, protection, safety, and control for more than 20 years.

We specialise in products such as commercial spec sliding gates, swinging gates, bi-folding gates, shallow depth road blockers, road bollards and automated barriers.


We have a large range of automatic car barriers for a diverse range of traffic access and parking solutions. To help ensure good control and monitoring of vehicle entry and exit our barrier range offers beam (arm) lengths up to 8m for large vehicles with opening times on some models as low as 2 seconds.

Our innovative car park barrier designs are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Whether you are looking for barrier systems for controlling small and medium private areas or much larger industrial areas, Sentinel’s automatic barriers offer long working life with excellent security and safety features.

Our team can create a bespoke system just for you. Your gate can be controlled by Remote


Our series of road bollards are the products are high quality and have the latest technology allowing for secure access control. We ensure an appropriate rising/lowering speed, ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and two-wheel riders. The have a compatible and flexible control system, easy to be integrated into other management systems. We can embed-in LED warning light. With a combination of robustness and aesthetic, blending into the surrounding landscape.

Our team can create a bespoke system just for you. Your gate can be controlled by Remote Control, Keypad (code), Press to exit Button, Induction Loop (automatic opening on detection of Vehicle or Mass Metal) and Audio or Video Intercom to your house or mobile.


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